Joey is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. He is currently working at Commonwealth Projects / Total Luxury Spa.

Total Luxury Spa: Cauleen Smith (Artist Series)

Fashion Design


“Total Luxury Spa's integral Artist Series, an ongoing quarterly fashion/editorial endeavor, invites American-born, California-based filmmaker, multimedia artist, Afrofuturist and educator Cauleen Smith (b. 1967)”.

UNA: Awakenings in the Garden of Love

Book Design, Graphic Design


“Witness the birth of UNA across a documentation of images, graphics and potent messages. This is a limited edition 200 page, full-color, perfect-bound, soft-cover book. Featuring contributions from our Total Luxury Spa extended family and team”.

Sold exclusively at Total Luxury SpaGucci Vault, and Union.

Criterion Collection: Hausu

Packaging Design


Hausu (1977) is an experimental comedy-horror film directed and produced by Nobuhiko Obayahsi. This boxset was created for Criterion Collection, a home-video distribution company that focuses on licensing, restoring, and distributing important films.

The daily routine of most adults is so heavy and artificial that we are closed off to much of the world. We have to do this in order to get our work done. I think one purpose of art is to get us out of those routines. When we hear music or poetry or stories, the world opens up again. We’re drawn in — or out — and the windows of our perception are cleansed, as William Blake said. The same thing can happen when we’re around young children or adults who have unlearned those habits of shutting the world out.